Roor Bongs

RoorBongs is committed to being the premier resource for any Roor Bong. If you have reached this page then you have probably heard that a Roor Bong is the piece of choice among serious smokers, and glass collector’s alike.

Roor originated in Germany in the 1980’s and is widely known in the culture for their top quality, handcrafted glass on glass water pipes. When you are in the market for a Roor, you have two primary purchasing options. You can either import a Roor from Germany, or you can make a selection from Roor’s US collection through a partnership with a glass blowing company in Southern California called Dementia. They are very similar in construction, both using high quality thick glass to ensure a long lasting life for your favorite new piece.

All Roor glass is hand blown and always crafted in very limited numbers to ensure the high quality they have become known for. Roor bongs are only blown with the finest, clear premium borosilicate glass – Also known as Schott Duran Pyrex Tubing. Roor is primarily known for their simplistic styling with minimal added coloring.